Tuesday, 28 December 2010

New Zealand wins T20 series against Pakistan - 2nd T20Scorecard

New Zealand's Off-spinner McCullum, clever bowling around the wicket, ruined the Pakistani batsmen, and finished with bowling of 4-16 off for 4 overs and got the man of the match award.


New Zealand innings (20 overs maximum)                
JD Ryderc †Umar Akmal b Abdul Razzaq011000.00
MJ Guptillc Shahid Afridi b Saeed Ajmal44502833157.14
JEC Franklinc †Umar Akmal b Shahid Afridi4052432193.02
LRPL Taylor*not out30402112142.85
SB Styrisc Ahmed Shehzad b Shoaib Akhtar34141433242.85
PD McGlashan†lbw b Wahab Riaz26131032260.00
NL McCullumc Asad Shafiq b Saeed Ajmal1530033.33
KD Millsst †Umar Akmal b Saeed Ajmal011000.00
Extras(b 1, lb 4, w 4, nb 1)10
Total(7 wickets; 20 overs; 91 mins)185(9.25 runs per over)
Fall of wickets1-0 (Ryder, 0.1 ov)2-91 (Guptill, 11.2 ov)3-94 (Franklin, 12.1 ov)4-133 (Styris, 15.4 ov),5-175 (McGlashan, 18.3 ov)6-184 (McCullum, 19.3 ov)7-185 (Mills, 19.6 ov)

                 .. ... ...... ...............
Abdul Razzaq201216.00
Shoaib Akhtar4042110.50(1nb, 1w)
Umar Gul3047015.66
Wahab Riaz302217.33(3w)
Shahid Afridi402215.50
Saeed Ajmal403538.75

Pakistan innings (target: 186 runs from 20 overs)........
Mohammad Hafeezrun out (Guptill/†McGlashan)46363052153.33
Shahid Afridi*b Mills77401175.00
Ahmed Shehzadc Styris b Butler15261420107.14
Umar Akmal†c McCullum b Southee2644320181.25
Younis Khanc †McGlashan b McCullum3540075.00
Asad Shafiqb McCullum68110054.54
Abdul Razzaqc †McGlashan b McCullum149802175.00
Umar Gulc Guptill b McCullum011000.00
Wahab Riazc McCullum b Southee18171311138.46
Shoaib Akhtarnot out54310166.66
Saeed Ajmalnot out02000-
Extras(lb 5, w 1)6
Total(9 wickets; 20 overs; 84 mins)146(7.30 runs per over)
Fall of wickets1-24 (Shahid Afridi, 1.6 ov)2-68 (Ahmed Shehzad, 7.6 ov)3-69 (Mohammad Hafeez, 8.1 ov),4-76 (Younis Khan, 9.6 ov)5-96 (Asad Shafiq, 13.1 ov)6-114 (Abdul Razzaq, 15.3 ov)7-114 (Umar Gul, 15.4 ov),8-141 (Umar Akmal, 19.2 ov)9-141 (Wahab Riaz, 19.3 ov)

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